My work embraces both traditional and cutting edge processes in an effort to create elegant and powerful objects where the craft is evident and the content is generous, multifaceted, and egalitarian. These objects frequently draw inspiration from recognizable forms and contemporary culture and ask the viewer to theorize about their indented use or uselessness. Within these works no material is disguised and no mechanism is hidden; they are made with evident materials and deliberately explicit geometry. My work is often meant to be picked up, poked at, climbed on, sat in, and rolled around; hopefully providing insight and a new experience as a reward for the curious and the bold. I believe it is important to create objects that are thoroughly well made and timelessly beautiful, inside and out.

“I am constantly inspired by nature and by the people who occupy the world around us. Watercolor, Water Media, and Mixed Media Drawing are my preferred media but sometimes I can’t resist an interesting collage or an oil painting. As a wise artist once said, 'I paint because I cannot stop.'"

I work realistically in watercolor creating a romantic but not sentimental image. Color is the dominant element; I seek to explore the subtle and sometimes not so subtle color relationships in a painting as well as the use of arbitrary and local color combinations. I look for the extraordinary present in the ordinary elements of our everyday lives. I have faith in the beauty and order of the world and, therefore, choose to represent it realistically. Life is a precious gift and it deserves every bit of the positive acknowledgement we can give it.

My work, though realistic, is not a photographic representation. It describes my feelings for the subjects perceived, my reaction to the world around me. As Matisse is quoted "I re-present the subject shaped by my own vision and emotions." I believe there is a Magic Spark that brings a good painting to life. Art is greater than the sum of a work’s techniques and effects; if the technical aspects are handled well the spirit of a work shines through. Art tells us things that cannot be told in any other way.

Monica Satterthwaite is an artist and illustrator who has worked and taught in the San Francisco Bay Area for a number of years. She currently teaches studio art and design classes at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA as well as the San Lorenzo Adult School. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Holy Names University in Oakland, CA, with emphasis in oil painting, and later went on to discover the joys of watercolor. She earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, where she continued to study and explore water media painting. Monica has created illustrations for a number of clients, among them IBM, Sheraton Hotels, Oakland International Airport, Bay Area Rapid Transit, the Port of Oakland, Boy Scouts of America, and the City of Dublin, CA. Her paintings have been chosen for regional and national shows and are represented in collections around the world.

Sally Lampi –Native of California. Married, raised 5 children and have 10 wonderful grandchildren. I began my art history career designing cloth dolls and developing patterns for them and always with a twist of humor. For many years I wholesaled the doll patterns and eventually began teaching classes on doll making which took me all over the world. Lately I have been painting in the watercolor medium. These current pictures are a mix of watercolor and collage. The images have a touch of whimsical humor to them as well. Whatever I do it must make me laugh. This keeps my inner child alive. I try, with my work, to make people smile.

Please feel free to contact me @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I am a 74-year-old woman, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, crafter, teacher, lesbian, volunteer, breast cancer survivor…I have been widowed twice, I live alone, by choice, sort of…a lot of the time my home-life is dictated by my 3# Yorkshire terrier.
I have been teaching the Donna Dewberry Method of One Stroke Painting since 2002.  I was certified as an Instructor in this technique in 2001 and certified as a Level II Instructor in 2007.  I have recently branched out and started teaching other stroke work methods also in my classes to challenge my long-time students to keep learning new things.  I teach for the love of art and the passing along the love of it!
One Stroke simply means that you blend, shade and highlight with one stroke of the brush.  Although I paint other methods of Decorative Painting (Tole Painting), One Stroke is my go-to favorite when I want to get quick results or need to hand paint a greeting card or gift in a relatively short time.
I love this particular type of Decorative Painting because it is a way for beginners to be amazed at what they can do with a couple colors of paint and a paintbrush in just a few minutes after sitting down for the first time.
I teach every week at the Hayward Senior Center and have been teaching there since I moved back to the bay area in 2010. Before that I was teaching at the Paso Robles Senior Center and also for Paso Robles Recreation and Library Department, and the YMCA middle school after school program. I have also taught at various Assisted Living & Senior Communities and provide private painting lessons for individuals and groups.
I have been on the Board of Directors for the Northern California Decorative Artists Chapter of The Society of Decorative Painters since 2010.  I am currently in my second term as their President.  I have also served on the Board of Directors of Lavender Seniors of the East Bay since 2011 and am the editor of their monthly newsletter.  I facilitate a Pacific Center sponsored LGBTQ peer group twice a month at the Hayward Senior Center.  I assistant teach the weekly Mosaics Class at the Hayward Senior Center. I am also the treasurer of the San Mateo County African Violet Society (another love of mine.)


Marlys (Marley) Wright Smith

I have always liked to draw but never had the chance to pursue it. We only had art until the 8th grade, nothing in High School. Married right out of High School and raising 5 son’s didn’t give me a great deal of time to draw. I actually wanted to be a dress designer when I graduated from High School.

In my late 30’s I discovered decorative painting. This is a method painting which was easily taught through learning strokes and techniques; using other people’s patterns. Since I had lost several years to train in drawing, this appealed to me. I began using other artist’s patterns and eventually evolved into designing my own patterns as many decorative artists do. I have learned from many very talented, nationally known Master decorative artists, as well as Master Norwegian Rosemalers from Norway and the United States, through the years.

I owned and operated a Painting Shop for 8 years during the 70’s and 80’s, where I taught along with 7 other teachers and we sold supplies. I taught decorative painting for the San Lorenzo Adult School for 14 years. I began painting and teaching Rosemaling pretty much exclusively in the mid 1980’s. Rosemaling is the Norwegian folk painting which dates back to the 1700’s.   It consists of stylized flowers and Scroll work. Norwegian being my heritage made it special. I also have studied and pursued the folk arts of Germany, Sweden, Holland and Russia.

My ornaments have hung in the Smithsonian Museum, the White House and Blair House, in Washington DC, the Sacramento State Capitol and John Olague Rotunda at the Hayward City Hall.

I have participated in Norway Day Festival in San Francisco for over 20 years as well as a variety of Festivals and Fairs throughout the Bay Area.

My teaching of Folk Art and Rosemaling has taken me to many places in California.

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