Dear Fellow Artists,
I want to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year! Can you believe it is 2020!? Me either!

I look forward to whatever new adventures await the association in 2020. The board is discussing more ways in which we can interact with the community at new venues and finding more ways to support art expression within our group. I’ve put in a request to the library to have access to the Trustee Room for art gatherings for members. These events will be held every other month starting in February and we’ve come up with themes for the first three: Aquatic, Spring and Destination. At the January meeting I want to discuss what kind of gatherings they will be. Will we gather and work on individual projects based on the theme? A group project of some kind? Will we have a goal of showing the results of each get together at a meeting? Who knows? It’ll be fun to figure out!
I also want to discuss the members interest in community-based events. We have recently started to host craft tables for kids. Does the membership support this way of giving back? If so, how can we generate more interest? OR, not so interested, let’s not do it any more.
I have created a relationship with Lori Hawkins, owner of Atelier Colibri, the French pastry shop in Pelton Plaza, for SLAA to display art in her shop. There are two walls to decorate. It can hold two artists or one who is prolific. We’ll discuss how to share that space at the January meeting.
A gentleman from a new credit union location approached the association requesting access to artwork to hang in the managers office. Their preference is for local artists creating art with local themes or subjects, but might be open to options. I have invited him to come to the January meeting to check out the Artist of the Month participants, so consider that when choosing what to bring to the meeting if you want to participate.
Please consider coming to January meeting to also elect and invest the new board. There is an amazing group of people who have volunteered to steer SLAA in 2020.
Don’t forget to renew your membership if you want to participate in the fun, upcoming events in the new year!
President • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.