In September

General Meeting 7PM to 9PM
Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Demo at 7:30PM
Main Library, Estudillo Room


Pat Devitt has graciously volunteered to do a demonstration at our September meeting. Many thanks.

SLAA Member's Work

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President's Message

Now that the Festival is over, we can relax and enjoy the rest of the year’s events. My apologies to Helga Mahlmann for making an error in her name when I thanked her for helping at the festival.

I was very pleased at the number of members and guests that attended the General Meeting. Thanks to Monica Satterthwaite who gave a very informative demonstration on the back painting technique in watercolor. We were honored to have Monica so generously give of her time and expertise.

We are looking for demonstrators for the months of October and November, 2015. Please contact Pat Devitt or me if you know of an artist who might be interested in doing a demonstration. Pat Devitt has volunteered to do a demonstration at our September meeting. Many thanks also go to Pat for graciously volunteering. Our member artists cannot be paid due to the fact that the SLAA is a non-profit entity.

Thanks to all who have brought their paintings for the Artist of the Month. First place went to Marcelle Brossart, and Ed Ortman and Molly Dolly tied for second place. Congratulations.

Thank you to Gail Otvos and Nancy Starr for refreshments this month. Next month’s refreshments will be provided by Ana Marie Rodriguez and Rosemarie Ramos.

Here is more information on our Holiday Party. The Board has decided to give our members a choice in selecting a menu: #1 The same catered dinner as we had last year; #2 A pot luck, where the members provide the food; and #3 Wine, cheese and appetizers (some of which might be provided by members). We will pass around a clip board at the next meeting for members to vote on a menu of choice.

The Board has learned that the Casa Peralta will be going through extensive renovation in the next few years. There are no details available as to when this will actually happen, but it will affect our Annual Festival. If anyone has any idea where we could hold our festival, or any ideas about what we might do, please bring them up at our next meeting. It isn’t too early to start thinking about alternatives.

Anna May Tandi